Personal Data Protection Policy

VIVUNT PHARMA S.L. You may check the rest of the information by clicking the following link.
We will process your personal data so that we can handle any inquiry you may have through the web, as well as other concerns by clicking the following link.
The legal basis of data processing is our lawful interest; in other words, making our activities and services known to our potential clients through this website.
Solamente comunicaremos tus We will only share your personal data to third parties in case there is legal obligation. As regards data transfer to third countries, we inform you that it will only be carried out to those that have an Adequacy Decision by the European Commission and, in other cases, you might extend that information by clicking the following link.
You have the right to access your personal data, have them rectified and/or suppressed; you have the right to limit or oppose your personal data processing, as well as have data portability. In addition, you might submit a claim before the Spanish Agency of Data Protection if you consider your personal rights have been violated.
You may check the ADDITIONAL INFORMATION section about the use of your personal data by clicking on the links available.
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